Kucoin and Aleph.im make public a major partnership: 54% annual interest rates are now offered

Centralization is sometimes good! – Kucoin and Aleph.im join forces to offer Aleph token holders a staking offer offering 54% APR (annual return percentage).

This article is promotional content provided by Kucoin & Aleph.im

A partnership in good standing

The Kucoin trading platform introduces a newcomer to its side platform Pool-X

After having detected the enormous potential of the Aleph.im solution, the exchange platform took the initiative and decided to integrate Moshe Malawach’s baby into his Pool-X. The interest rates offered go up to 54% a year . This offer will be available to all Aleph token holders, wishing to obtain additional remuneration.

Not only will these be rewarded daily with new Crypto Engine tokens, but Kucoin goes further by offering the distribution of the POL ( Proof Of Liquidity ) token for all participants. This last token is now valued at 0.023 cts of dollars.

Pool-X is a trading platform where users can participate by grouping together in a pool , allowing to staker and operate nodes on the protocol of their choice. The major competitive advantage is the flexibility offered by Kucoin. Indeed, while a large number of platforms offering staking options require you to do so over a defined period, Pool-x allows you to add or remove your tokens whenever you want.

The details of a large-scale collaboration

You can save your precious Aleph since yesterday 8:00 p.m. (UTC + 8). The rewards will be distributed according to the number of tokens you make available within the pool-x, and all this daily.

Users will be doubly incentivized. Kucoin offers all participants the distribution of its POL token , rewarding contributions within Pool-x.

Number of tokens put in default Annual reward (Excluding POL)

This new possibility open to any Aleph holder will clearly depend on the number of participants. They will be able to profit from 54.75% annual interest , if the total number of Aleph stakes remains between 0 and 2,000,000 tokens. If the participation is higher, then the rewards will gradually be reduced.

As a reminder, Aleph’s mission is to replace IPFS technology , which made it impossible to store data linked to protocols in a fully decentralized manner. In addition, it promises to revolutionize interoperability between blockchains , thanks to a layer 2 technology , which will be inserted between users and protocols.

After signing several strategic partnerships with FTX, Serum and Orion, Aleph.Im has a new strong ally in its strategic development. Kucoin, a platform highly appreciated by crypto traders for its ease of use and the possibility of being exposed to increasingly attractive tokens, is determined to propel Aleph in the eyes of the general public.

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